Mastering Set Pieces: Free Kicks and Corners in Video Games

Set pieces are pivotal moments in football matches, offering teams the opportunity to create goal-scoring chances and change the course of a game. In video games, mastering free kicks and corners requires skill, strategy, and precision to unlock their full potential. Whether it’s curling a free kick into the top corner or delivering a pinpoint cross from a corner kick, set pieces can be game-changers in virtual matches. In this guide, we’ll delve into the art of mastering free kicks and corners in video games, offering tips, techniques, and strategies to help players elevate their set piece game and score goals with style.

  • Understanding Free Kick Mechanics:
    • Before mastering free kicks in video games, it’s essential to understand the mechanics behind them. Pay attention to factors such as player positioning, power gauge, and shot trajectory, as well as external variables like wind direction and ball placement. Experiment with different techniques, such as knuckleballs, curling shots, and power strikes, to find the approach that works best for your playing style and the situation at hand.
  • Practicing Free Kick Techniques:
    • Like any skill in football gaming, mastering free kicks requires practice and repetition. Head to the training ground or practice mode to hone your free kick techniques and refine your shot accuracy and power. Experiment with different shot angles, run-up lengths, and shot power levels to develop consistency and precision in your free kick execution. By dedicating time to practice, you can become more confident and proficient in your free kick abilities during matches.
  • Reading the Opposition:
    • Effective free kick taking in video games also involves reading the opposition’s defensive setup and anticipating their movements. Pay attention to the positioning of the defensive wall, the goalkeeper’s stance, and any gaps or vulnerabilities in the defensive formation. Look for opportunities to exploit weaknesses in the opposition’s defense, whether it’s targeting a specific area of the goal or tricking the goalkeeper with a deceptive shot.
  • Mastering Corner Kick Delivery:
    • Corner kicks offer teams an excellent opportunity to create goal-scoring chances from set pieces. To master corner kick delivery in video games, focus on precision, timing, and variety in your crosses. Aim for areas in the penalty box where your teammates are most likely to attack the ball, such as near the far post or the edge of the six-yard box. Experiment with different types of crosses, such as inswinging, outswinging, and driven crosses, to keep the opposition defense guessing and increase your chances of scoring from corners.
  • Creating Set Piece Routines:
    • Developing set piece routines can give your team a tactical edge in video games and increase your chances of scoring from free kicks and corners. Experiment with pre-planned routines, such as decoy runs, short passes, and dummy movements, to create space and confusion in the opposition defense. By working on set piece routines in training and implementing them during matches, you can catch opponents off guard and capitalize on scoring opportunities from set pieces.
  • Maintaining Composure and Confidence:
    • Finally, mastering free kicks and corners in video games requires composure and confidence under pressure. Stay calm and focused when taking set pieces, and trust in your abilities to execute the desired shot or delivery. Visualize your intended outcome and approach each set piece opportunity with a positive mindset and determination to succeed. By maintaining composure and confidence, you can increase your chances of converting set pieces into goals and making a decisive impact on the virtual pitch.


Mastering free kicks and corners in video games is a skill that can elevate your gameplay and make you a more formidable opponent on the virtual pitch. By understanding the mechanics of free kicks, practicing your techniques, reading the opposition, mastering corner kick delivery, creating set piece routines, and maintaining composure and confidence, you can become a set piece specialist and unlock new dimensions of creativity and strategy in your gameplay. So next time you line up a free kick or a corner kick in a football video game, remember these tips and techniques to increase your chances of scoring goals and achieving victory with style.